January 15, 2019 - 2 min read

British Parliament votes on May's Brexit Deal

British Parliament votes on May's Brexit Deal

After the Brexit-Referendum on 23rd June 2016 in Great Britain turned out to be in favour of leaving, the British parliament today will vote on the Brexit deal agreed upon with the EU.

In case British parliament will vote in favour of the Brexit deal, Great Britain would leave the EU as planned on 29th March 2019. But should the House of Commons reject the Brexit Deal, British Prime Minister Theresa May has to present a Plan B within three days.

Among our speakers are numerous experts on Europe and Brexit. They are able to give insights and answers and to share their unique knowledge in captivating speeches.

One of them is the former German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel. In an comment for the German newspaper Tagesspiegel, Sigmar Gabriel wrote the Brexit –no matter if hard or soft – will weaken all parties involved. Great Britain will quite certainly run into significant economic trouble and it can’t be considered as given if Europe will survive Brexit. Europe’s role in the world will be damaged in a way that we can’t imagine right now, Sigmar Gabriel writes for Tagesspiegel.

As Head of the ARD studio in London, Annette Dittert reports tirelessly from the British capital. In her opinion, Theresa May has to take the responsibility for the chaos Great Britain is heading for. According to Annette Dittert, Theresa May has made nearly every mistake possible. If the British parliament will vote against the EU Brexit Deal, Great Britain threatens to fall apart. Annette Dittert has been correspondent for ARD for many years and as an expert on Great Britian and British politics, she presently is ARD correspondent for Great Britain for the second time.

Francois Hollande talks in his knowledgeable speeches also about Europe and Brexcit as well as about it possible consequences. As does Fredrik Reinfeldt, who was Sweden’s Prime Minister from 2006 to 2014.

Ulrike Guérot is Director of the European Democracy Lab at European School of Governance and therefore also is an expert on Europe. One of her topics is the history of the European integration since Maastricht as well as “Grexit and Brexit – possible consequences and impacts”. Christoph von Marschall who is the Political Chief Correspondent of Tagesspiegel also is a proven expert on Europe. One of his topics is Germany’s estrangement in times of Trump, Brexit and populism.

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