May 22, 2024 - 3 min read

Football Experts in the Spotlight to mark the European Championsships - UEFA EURO 2024

On the occasion of the European Football Championship, which kicks off on 14 June, we would like to introduce you to some outstanding personalities from the world of football who inspire and motivate their audiences with their unique perspectives.

Football Experts in the Spotlight to mark the European Championsships - UEFA EURO 2024

In their presentations, they often work with comparisons and examples from football and transfer the insights from top-class sport to everyday business life.

Our speakers and experts from the world of football offer unique insights and inspiration for companies, organisations and events of all kinds and inspire with their presentations.

Speakers and experts from the world of football

  1. Hans-Dieter Hermann: As a renowned sports psychologist, our speaker Hans-Dieter Hermann coaches teams and athletes at the highest level - including the German national football team for many years. His tips on mental strength and performance improvement as well as his insights into working with top athletes are invaluable, especially in times of pressure and challenges.

  2. Felix Brych: With his experience as a top referee at international level, our speaker Felix Brych offers unique insights into fairness, decision-making and team dynamics in his presentations. His stories from the pitch offer valuable lessons for managers and teams.

  3. David Beckham: As a football icon and successful entrepreneur, David Beckham is far more than just a former footballer. In moderated conversations, he looks back on a career characterised by passion, perseverance and global influence and offers inspiring insights into success, motivation and personal development.

Goalkeepers and national footballers offer new perspectives

  1. Paul Breitner: With his impressive football career and his extraordinary commitment off the pitch, Paul Breitner is a key figure in German football. He provides insights into his career, teamwork, leadership and success are invaluable for companies and organisations.

  2. Steffi Jones: As a former national player and coach, Steffi Jones is a pioneer of women's football. Her story of perseverance, resilience and success inspires people around the world to pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles. She shares her experiences from the world of football with her audience and transfers them to the everyday working life of companies.

  3. Oliver Kahn: As an outstanding goalkeeper and successful entrepreneur, Oliver Kahn is a fascinating personality. He transfers his insights into performance, leadership and dealing with pressure to everyday working and corporate life and enriches his interesting presentations with examples and situations from his active career and gives personal insights into his philosophy of success.

Important voices in football

  1. Matthias Sammer: Matthias Sammer is an inspiring personality with his many years of experience as a player and coach as well as his sound analytical skills. His insights into tactics, strategy and team dynamics offer valuable lessons for managers and teams.

  2. Thomas Hitzlsperger: As a former national team player and active advocate for diversity and inclusion in sport, Thomas Hitzlsperger is an essential voice in football. His experiences as a player and manager offer unique insights into the development of teams and organisations.

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