May 26, 2023 - 2 min read

Mastering Challenges with Creativity

Creative and inspiring - Our speakers and experts show how this can be achieved in everyday work

Mastering Challenges with Creativity

Creativity and innovation are key skills to keep up in a world of rapid change, quick developments and disruption. Companies and employees need creative and innovative approaches to master challenges and remain successful.

Many of our speakers and experts demonstrate in their keynotes how a creative and innovative working environment can succeed in the long term.

Among them, for example, Frederik G. Pferdt, who spent six years at Google as Chief Innovation Evangelist supporting managers and teams in creatively solving major problems. His mission is to promote the innovation talent in every human being. The example of Google shows how successful companies can be thanks to a constant flow of innovations. In his lectures, our speaker Frederik G. Pferdt convincingly shows that creativity is in each of us. Among other things, he illustrates how an innovation culture and an innovation mindset can be created and how important both are for the success of each individual and of a company.

Our speaker Norbert Bolz is a media and communication theorist as well as a design scientist and is considered one of the most controversial German intellectuals. In his lectures, he also deals with the topics of teamwork and creativity, among others.

As a futurist and strategic consultant for governments, NGOs and companies, our speaker Mark Stevenson shows how we can face and overcome the great challenges of our time. Mark is an expert on global trends and impulse generator and shows in his sustainable keynotes, among other things, how to create a culture of innovation and creativity in companies in order to survive in a changed world.

Swantje Rößner is an expert for visionary power and change of perspective. In her lectures, she shares her creative energy and her ability to quickly change perspectives, thus empowering her audience to rethink well-worn paths.

Our speaker Bernhard Wolff also inspires his audience with new ideas and motivates them to think and act more innovatively. As an expert in creativity and communication, he fosters an atmosphere that opens up for dialogue and "turns employees into co-thinkers". Bernhard Wolff creates a desire for ideas and shows that everyone is capable of innovation and creativity.

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