February 20, 2023 - 2 min read

Our Keynote Speakers on the Topics of the Munich Security Conference

For many of our speakers, the weekend was dominated by the Munich Security Conference.

Our Keynote Speakers on the Topics of the Munich Security Conference

The most important topic of the conference was Russia's war against Ukraine. Government representatives, members of parliament and security experts met in Munich to exchange thoughts.

Many of our speakers are experts on the topics of this year's Munich Security Conference.

Among them, for example, Claudia Major, head of the Security Policy Research Group, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik. As one of the best-known experts on security policy, Claudia Major was on site at the Security Conference and was also a sought-after discussion partner there. In her lectures, Claudia Major talks, among other things, about the geopolitical restructuring of the world and the role Germany and Europe play in it. Russia's war in Ukraine and Germany's National Security Strategy are also among the keynote topics of our speaker Claudia Major.

As Chairman of the Munich Security Conference, Christoph Heusgen has been one of the most sought-after interview partners in the media in recent days. In an interview with ZDF's Heute Journal, he reviews the conference and says, among other things, "We need to strengthen Ukraine." In his talks, the former foreign and security policy advisor to Angela Merkel speaks, among other things, about Germany's role in international security policy, about USA, China and Russia, and about the new world order. Our speaker Christoph Heusgen is considered to have excellent international networks. In his lectures, he opens up new perspectives and impresses with his knowledge.

Ambassador (ret.) Wolfgang Ischinger was Chairman of the Munich Security Conference until 2022, since then he has been President of the Board of Trustees of the Munich Security Conference Foundation (MSC). Our speaker Wolfgang Ischinger is a valued discussion partner and much sought-after speaker on foreign and security policy topics. Topics of his much in demand lectures include Europe and the global challenges as well as the international order in times of global power shifts.

Our speaker Pippa Malmgren also deals with the topics of the Munich Security Conference in her lectures. In her keynotes, the former financial market advisor to George W. Bush talks about the new world order and strategic security, among other topics.

With a focus on the USA, our speaker Josef Braml, one of the most prominent USA experts of our time, also talks in his keynotes for example about the new world order and how we can compete in it. Geopolitical and geostrategic implications are also part of his range of topics, as are the shifts in world politics.

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