November 25, 2022 - 3 min read

Our speakers and Experts on Diversity

"Diversity wins" was the message on the plane on which the German national football team flew to the World Cup in Qatar. For many of our speakers and experts, diversity is a topic close to their hearts.

Our speakers and Experts on Diversity

"Diversity is not a new topic, but the base of our lives",

says our speaker Ali Mahlodji. With, the internet platform he founded, he features people from all over the world - from the President to the neighbour next door, who tell in video interviews who they are, what they do and how they became where they are today. aims to be a career guide and encouragement for young people to follow their path.

Our speaker Anastasia Biefang is a Lieutenant Colonel in the German Armed Forces Air Force and the first openly transgender battalion commander in the German Armed Forces. For 40 years Anastasia Biefang lived as a man before she made public what she had long felt: she is a woman. This did not harm her career in the German Armed Forces.

Diversity is also one of the core topics of Janina Kugel, former human resources director at Siemens AG. As one of Germany's best-known female managers, our speaker shows in her passionate keynotes, among other things, that diversity is capital and why diversity leads to better results. She also emphasises the social responsibility of companies and the need to put people at the centre.

In his keynotes, our speaker Heino Falcke impressively describes what diverse teams are capable of and how important diversity can be in the workplace to achieve goals. He gives a practical insight into his experiences with the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration (EHTC), which succeeded in publishing the first image of a black hole.

Our speaker Marina Weisband came to Germany from Ukraine with her parents as a child and gained nationwide fame as the face of the German Pirate Party. Today, she is active in the fields of education and civic participation. For Marina Weisband, diversity in all matters is a matter of course - which she also proves in her impressive lectures on participation and education.

Van Bo Le-Mentzel is an architect and social entrepreneur. Our speaker is the inventor of Tiny Houses and co-founder of the Berlin association "Kiez-Tank-Stelle". The association organises so-called "Schooltalks" in which interesting personalities tell students how they have managed to get ahead in life despite poor starting conditions. Educational justice and the question of how we want to live in the future are the topics that currently move our speaker Van Bo Le-Mentzel.

Yasmin Weiß is one of the youngest multi-supervisory councillors in Germany, she is a professor and expert on Future Skills. At the Technical University of Berlin, our speaker Yasmin Weiß is a lecturer in Diversity Management. In her sustainable keynotes, she speaks not only on the future of work, but also on the topic of women in top leadership positions and diversity management.

Our speaker Michelle King was Director of Inclusion at Netflix and is one of the world's leading experts on organisational culture and equality. In her impressive keynotes, Michelle King shows how women can overcome invisible career barriers and how to achieve equality in the workplace. In doing so, she also makes clear why inclusion and diversity programmes do not work.

Julia Shaw became a shooting star in legal psychology with a ground-breaking study on deceptive memory. Topics of her gripping keynotes are false memories, bisexuality and how to create a diverse and thus healthier work environment.

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