April 6, 2023 - 2 min read

Resilience - Our Speakers and Experts on the Topic

Resilience seems to be the buzzword of the hour. But what exactly is resilience and why is it so important?

Resilience - Our Speakers and Experts on the Topic

Some of our speakers are experts on the topic of resilience and show in their keynotes how to overcome crises and master challenges. How can we fully develop our potential again after a crisis and achieve new levels of peak performance?

Our speakers have the answers

Among them, for example, Nicola Winter. As a fighter pilot and member of the ESA astronaut reserve, she has had a stellar career. Determined and focused, our speaker Nicola Winter has established herself in various male domains and shows in her lectures, among other things, how to develop one's potential and gather courage for new beginnings. Dealing with setbacks and crises is also part of her lecture content, underpinned by impressive images.

Lewis Pugh is an endurance swimmer and UN patron of the oceans. His impressive actions aim to raise awareness about the threats to the world's most endangered ecosystems. Our speaker, Lewis Pugh, is the first person to swim long-distance in all five of the world's oceans and the best cold-water swimmer in the world. In his gripping keynotes, he shows how to achieve the impossible, how to achieve resilience, and how to overcome hurdles.

As a doctor of psychiatry and psychotherapy (behavioral therapy), our speaker Tatjana Reichhart is on a mission to help people stay mentally healthy. An expert in maintaining mental health and resilience, she offers in-depth and practically relevant knowledge on the topics of burnout prevention, positive psychology and communication. Stress and stress management are among her lecture topics, as are resilience and self-care.

Jonas Deichmann was the first person to complete a triathlon around the world. The adventurer and extreme athlete has completed a total of 120 Ironmen in order to circumnavigate the globe. After 430 days, despite numerous unexpected hurdles such as border closures due to the Corona pandemic and extreme temperatures, he reached his starting point in Munich again. In his talks, our speaker Jonas Deichmann shows how to deal with setbacks and how to nevertheless achieve your goals.

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