February 7, 2023 - 2 min read

Transatlantic Relations - Our Speakers and Experts on the Topic

German Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck and his French counterpart Bruno le Maire are on a two-day visit to Washington. The transatlantic talks will focus in particular on trade policy and the geopolitical situation.

Transatlantic Relations - Our Speakers and Experts on the Topic

Many of our speakers are experts on all topics relating to the USA and transatlantic relations. In times like these, they are sought-after keynote speakers.

Josef Braml, one of the most distinguished USA experts of our time, recently wrote in a guest article for the Tagesspiegel about the national debt of the USA, which could threaten the reconstruction aid for Ukraine and thus strain transatlantic relations. Our speaker Josef Braml is a political scientist and European Director of the Forum Trilateral Commission. In his keynotes, our speaker Josef Braml talks, among other things, about the new world order and how we can assert ourselves in it, as well as about transatlantic imbalances. In doing so, he brings complex issues vividly to the point.

Our speaker Christoph von Marschall is Diplomatic Correspondent for the Berlin "Tagesspiegel" and was for many years White House Correspondent. In his lectures, the renowned expert on America talks, among other things, about the new world order as well as Germany's estrangement from its friends. He also illustrates how the EU can benefit from the political decline of the United States. In his latest article for the Tagesspiegel, he writes about U.S. President Joe Biden's upcoming State of the Union address. The successes of his term, which Biden will talk about, will serve as the basis for his renewed bid in 2024.

Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook is a renowned expert on transatlantic foreign and trade policy and one of the most sought-after speakers of the moment, as well as a welcome guest on TV and radio. In her profound lectures, the Bertelsmann Foundation's transatlantic expert talks about geopolitics and foreign policy as well as about perspectives for transatlantic relations.

Our speaker Sigmar Gabriel is also an expert on topics related to geopolitics and the United States. Sigmar Gabriel is chairman of the Atlantic Bridge, which aims to deepen cooperation between Germany, Europe and America at all levels. In his brilliant lectures, Sigmar Gabriel addresses the role of Europe in an uncomfortable world, outlines connections and points out perspectives. With convincing arguments and clear points of view, Sigmar Gabriel impresses his audience as a speaker.

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