Chat Club with Sven H. Korndörffer

Sven H. Korndörffer is Chairman of the Wertekommission e.V. (Values Commission) and a former member of the Board of Management of Commerzbank AG responsible for Group Communications, with almost three decades of experience in the banking industry.

Since the beginning of his professional life, he has attached great importance to appreciative interaction, which is why he co-founded the Wertekommission 19 years ago and, as its Chairman, has made it his mission to show how important appreciation is for leadership culture and for our everyday lives. He has recently written a book on the subject entitled "The Value Chain: Why We Can't Afford Bosses Without Empathy."

On the importance of appreciation and empathy

He talks to us about the importance of appreciation and why it is so important to him. We also talk about lack of appreciation and whether it is possible to learn how to show recognition. Sven H. Korndörffer shows the consequences of a lack of appreciation in a company and how recognition at management level is reflected in the employees.

These are also topics that our speaker Sven H. Korndörffer talks about in his insightful keynote speeches - aha-effects and insights are quite possible 😉.

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