Chat Club with Bibiana Steinhaus-Webb

Bibiana Steinhaus-Webb is this week's guest in our Chat Club. I meet her in London, where she enthusiastically takes part in the weekly Park Runs in order to stay fit after the end of her active refereeing career. Bibiana-Steinhaus Webb lives in England with her husband Howard Webb and works there as Women's Select Group Director for the referees' association PGMOL.

In our podcast she talks about her new job, about her leaving the DFB and about the fact that, as a role model, she would like to see more women at all levels in football. She recalls her most moving football matches, dispels the misconception that referees are individual athletes and explains what makes a good team for her.

Look forward to an open and entertaining conversation with Bibiana Steinhaus-Webb, in which we will not only learn how many kilometres a referee covers on average during a match.