October 19, 2023 in Artificial Intelligence

Katarina Adam: The Future of Our Customer Relationships with AI

How does artificial intelligence help us in our relationships with customers? And how can AI destroy our customer relationships? Our speaker Katarina Adam knows the answers to these questions.

Expert for Blockchain and Digital Transformation

Katarina Adam is an expert in the field of blockchain, artificial intelligence and ChatGPT. As a lecturer at HTW Berlin, she brings extensive knowledge to the industrial engineering degree programme, particularly in the areas of investment & financing, controlling and ABWL. She also leads project groups that deal with the application possibilities of blockchain technology.

KI and Customer Relations: Opportunities and Challenges

In the second part of our conversation on Artificial Intelligence, Katarina Adam addresses questions that we are all concerned with since AI is becoming more and more present.

AI as support for Customer Relations

Learn how Artificial Intelligence can support us in maintaining our customer relationships. Katarina Adam explains innovative approaches and shows how AI can help to better understand customer needs and offer tailored solutions.

Risks and Challenges related to AI

Katarina Adam also sheds light on the risks. She explains how AI, if not used properly, can negatively impact customer relationships. She uses examples to illustrate how quickly and sustainably AI can destroy the relationship with our customers.

Security and Regulation in the AI World

The article also takes a look at security issues in the context of artificial intelligence. Katarina Adam talks about necessary regulations and discusses how these could be implemented internationally to promote the responsible use of AI.