February 28, 2024 - 3 min read

Highlights 2024 - Sports Events in the Spotlight with our Keynote Speakers

Our speakers and experts from the world of sports will bring the sporty spirit to your event.

Highlights 2024 - Sports Events in the Spotlight with our Keynote Speakers

Top Sporting Events on the Horizon

The sports year 2024 has got off to a spectacular start with the European Handball Championships and the Swimming World Championships. More outstanding sporting events are set to take place in the coming months: The Men's Ice Hockey World Championships will take place in the Czech Republic in May, followed by the European Athletics Championships in Rome in June. From mid-June to mid-July, Germany will be dominated by the European Football Championships and the Olympic Games will take place in Paris from 26 July to 11 August.

Speakers and Experts from the World of Sports

Many of our speakers and experts have a sporting background and share this in their keynotes on topics such as motivation, team building and leadership.

Our speaker Deniz Aytekin , for example, speaks on topics such as leading with appreciation and attitude as well as decision-making under pressure. Aytekin is one of the best and most popular football referees in Germany. He has been among the absolute elite of referees for years and has already been voted DFB Referee of the Year twice. With many analogies from professional football, Deniz Aytekin provides new perspectives on leadership, decision-making under pressure and the culture of making mistakes in his entertaining and inspiring keynotes.

Our speaker Christina Obergföll is one of Germany's most successful track and field athletes. In her talks, she shares her motivational secrets and tips for success, along with numerous anecdotes from her time as an active javelin thrower, and vividly demonstrates how to master the highs and lows on the road to success. Christina Obergföll has won a total of eight medals at international championships - including the gold medal at the 2013 World Championships in Moscow. Obergföll performed at the highest level for many years until she ended her successful career in 2016 after a total of four appearances at the Olympic Games.

Motivation and Tips for Success from our Speakers

Hans-Dieter Hermann has worked as a sports psychologist in high-performance sport and as a coach in companies for around 30 years. He became known to a wider public as the sports psychologist for the German national football team, which he has been advising for many years. His audiences benefit from his wealth of experience and in-depth expertise. In his memorable keynotes, our speaker Hans-Dieter Hermann impressively demonstrates what we can learn from top athletes and how much everyday working life and competitive sport have in common. He also gives his audience a vivid insight into his work as a team psychologist for the German national football team.

As the world champion coach of the German national basketball team, Gordon Herbert knows a thing or two about success. In his passionate lectures, our speaker talks about his secrets of success and how important vision is on the road to success. How can team dynamics be created, how can conflicts be defined and resolved and which factors are important for personal development? Success coach Gordon Herbert provides his audience with answers to all these questions and helps to lay the foundations for lasting success.

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