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Maren Urner

Founder Perspective Daily


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Maren Urner is a neuroscientist, founder and author. Scientific expertise coupled with charm and wit - this is how she explains to her listeners what we gain by better understanding the aberrations of our brain.

After studying cognitive sciences and neurosciences in Germany, Canada and the Netherlands, she obtained her doctorate at University College London and co-founded Perspective Daily, the first ad-free online magazine for constructive journalism, in 2016.

As a front woman and pioneer for a "brain-friendly information culture", she acts as a speaker and a driving force. Since April 2019 she has been a lecturer for media psychology at the Hochschule für Medien, Kommunikation und Wirtschaft (HMKW) in Cologne and in June 2019 she published her first book "Schluss mit dem täglichen Weltuntergang".

Maren Urner is a sought-after and empathic speaker and presenter who not only entertains her audience, but also enthrals them and literally gives a wake-up call. Whether keynote speech in an official setting or intensive workshop in a small group, she knows how to strike the right note and invites her audience to question themselves and their own perception. She pleads in favour of a look outside the box and a change of perspective - not only in regard to the flood of information in modern media, which threatens to overwhelm us and not with a moral pointing finger, but always with a healthy portion of self-irony and always accompanied by the question: How can we go on?


  • What neuroscience and journalism have to do with a better future