March 12, 2024 in Artificial Intelligence

Top Issue AI - Interview with our Keynote Speaker Feiyu Xu

Dr Feiyu Xu is an award-winning researcher and pioneer of artificial intelligence.

She is co-founder of Nyonic, where she was Chief Innovation Officer until February 2024. Previously, she was Senior Vice President and Global Head of Artificial Intelligence at SAP, where she led SAP's AI strategy and its holistic implementation.

Among other things, Feiyu Xu is involved in the use of generative AI in industry and developed a language model for European industrial companies with Nyonic.

In our exclusive interview, she answers questions on the topic of artificial intelligence. She explains for us what generative AI is and where she sees Europe in international competition.

Which sectors benefit most from artificial intelligence? And which are at risk from AI? And where can AI be used sensibly in medicine?

Dr Feiyu Xu brings light into the darkness of AI for us and impresses with her expertise, which she communicates to the non-expert in her lectures.