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Maximilian Gege

Expert on Environment and Energy


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Maximilian Gege, born in 1944 is co-founder and chairman of the board of The German Environmental Management Association (B.A.U.M. e.V.). B.A.U.M.’s more than 500 members are companies from various sectors making B.A.U.M. Europe’s largest economic initiative for environment. Gege is an expert on finance and controlling as well as an environmental manager and for many years has been at the heartbeat of economy. Being honorary professor at Lüneburg University (Germany) he also teaches environmental sciences.

After completing his bank traineeship, Gege finally worked in executive positions for various German companies. Gege’s occupation with environmental management started in 1984. In 1989 Gege became full-time executive chairman of B.A.U.M.

Gege is a member of the board of judges for various renowned charity organisations like Helmholtz Association (Helmholtz-Gesellschaft), German Award for Business Ethics (Deutscher Preis für Wirtschaftsethik), and International Siemens Award for Environment (Internationaler Siemens-Umweltpreis). He is also a member of the board of advisors for various international committees like Bombardier Transportation, the World Future Counsil or the Dutch government.

Gege also received a large number of international awards like the Environmental Medal of the Federal State of Bavaria (Bayrische Umweltmedaille) or the Electronic goes green 2000 by the Fraunhofer Institute (Fraunhofer Institut). Furthermore he was honoured by the UNEP (United Nations Programme) and made a member of the Global 500 Roll of Honour.

His exciting speeches cover all challenges for today‘s environmental policy. Gege is known to combine theoretical aspects with practical facts. At the beginning of the year 2007 he published a “climatical check”on the DAX 30 German companies analyzing both, their current and future measures for environmentally friendly production. Gege shows medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs how their businesses can benefit from environmentally friendly protection.


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