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The experts of London Speaker Bureau in the category "Innovation & Future" bring their audience closer to the spirit of innovation and new developments. They take a look into tomorrow and show what’s possible in the future. Whether they are futurists, tech evangelists, researchers or trend spotters - their lectures include topics such as digitalization, the future of cities, mobility and the future of work as well as artificial intelligence or robot ethics. Our speakers are building bridges into the future.


These podcasts and talks with speakers in this category might also be of interest to you.

  • Podcasts: Episode 26

    Chat Club with Nicola Winter

    Eurofighter Pilot

    This week, we welcome Nicola Winter, a pioneer with an extraordinary career, to the Chat Club. She is Germany's second woman in the cockpit of a fighter aircraft, one of only three German Eurofighter pilots, astronaut applicant, flight …

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  • Podcasts: Episode 21

    Chat Club with Linus Neumann

    Hacker and Psychologist, IT Security Expert

    Linus Neumann is one of Germany's best-known and most sought-after IT security experts. The qualified psychologist and hacker advises companies in the financial sector and operators of critical infrastructures. He is active in the Chaos …

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  • Talks: Episode 20

    Linus Neumann meets Hajo Schumacher

    Linus Neumann is a hacker and psychologist. He regularly points out vulnerabilities in critical IT systems to the public. Together with his colleagues from Chaos Computer Club, he hacked the IT systems of the last Bundestag election and analysed government spy software to render it harmless. Together with Tim …

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  • Talks: Episode 14

    Ranga Yogeshwar meets Hajo Schumacher

    In our virtual conversation, Ranga Yogeshwar, one of Germany's leading science journalists, talks with host Hajo Schumacher about the Corona crisis and which weaknesses have been made visible during the last few months. Which vaccines are available and how do they work? How long will the Corona crisis continue to …

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