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Auma Obama

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Auma Obama is the half-sister of the President of the United States, Barrack Obama. Auma received her early education at a boarding school for girls in Nairobi. She went on to earn a PhD in German Studies, after living in Germany. She was also enrolled in the German Film and Television Academy.

For a time Obama was operating a foundation called 'CARE International.' She also joined the Jacobs Foundation in 2010. In 2011, a fellow former student of Obama's made a documentary about her, entitled 'The Education of Auma Obama.'

Auma is the creator and CEO of the Sauti Kuu Foundation, which aims to help disadvantaged children in Africa take control of their own lives and seize opportunity. The foundation is based on the principle of ‘Self Help’ and aims to support and motivate the younger generations to take their fate into their own hands and be the makers of their own destiny.

Auma is asked all over the world as a keynote speaker, host or lecturer on ecological, economic and social sustainability. At her first own conference series: "Dr. Obama in conversation with.... " renowned guests from Politics, Economy and Science will tackle the three pillars of sustainability: Ecology, Economy and Social change. With her innovative ways, great charm and a developed sense of humor, she will present her guests in a brand new light.


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