Motivation & Leadership

How do I motivate my team? How do I keep motivation permanently high? How does leadership at eye level work? And what exactly is correct and relevant leadership? The experts of London Speaker Bureau in the category "Motivation & Leadership" will provide the answers to all of these questions in their keynotes. Whether they are athletes, adventurers, psychologists or conductors - motivation and leadership skills are the basis of their excellent work.


These podcasts and talks with speakers in this category might also be of interest to you.

  • Podcasts: Episode 34

    Chat Club Quickie mit Jonas Deichmann in New York

    Athlete and Adventurer, Six-time World Record Holder

    Jonas Deichmann, Abenteurer, Extremsportler und mehrfacher Weltrekordhalter, hat mit seinem jüngsten Projekt Trans America Twice wieder für jede Menge staunende Gesichter gesorgt. Trans America Twice Zwei Mal hat er die USA durchquert: …

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  • Podcasts: Episode 30

    Chat Club with Bibiana Steinhaus-Webb

    First Female Referee in German Professional Football, Director of the English Women's Super League

    Bibiana Steinhaus-Webb is this week's guest in our Chat Club. I meet her in London, where she enthusiastically takes part in the weekly Park Runs in order to stay fit after the end of her active refereeing career. Bibiana-Steinhaus Webb …

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  • Podcasts: Episode 23

    Chat Club with David Coulthard

    Renowned Formula 1 Grand Prix driver

    David Coulthard, one of the world's most famous sports personalities, is today's guest at the Chat Club of London Speaker Bureau. The famous Formula 1 Grand Prix driver is now a TV commentator, author and entrepreneur. In the Chat Club, …

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  • Podcasts: Episode 19

    Chat Club with Hans-Dieter Hermann

    Sport Psychologist of the German National Football Team

    Prof Dr Hans-Dieter Hermann is one of the most renowned sports psychologists in Germany. He has been active in high-performance sports for around three decades and became known to a broad public primarily through his many years as sports …

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