• Episode 29

    Joachim Pawlik in Conversation - More Power! Social Fatigue is having an Impact on Companies

    People in the focus Joachim Pawlik always puts people at the centre of entrepreneurial success and is therefore also a sought-after speaker on the topics of leadership, personnel development and learning for change. At the beginning of …

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  • Episode 28

    April Rinne meets London Speaker Bureau

    Renowned futurologist April Rinne helps leaders and teams deal with uncertainty and accept it as reality. “The future looks really chaotic, yet your approach doesn’t have to be.” - that is April Rinne's attitude. She shows how to accept …

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  • Episode 27

    Viktor Mayer-Schönberger meets London Speaker Bureau

    Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is Professor at the Oxford Internet Institute and one of the most sought-after experts on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. He deals with the social consequences of data use and highlights the need to adapt …

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  • Episode 26

    Eliza Filby meets London Speaker Bureau

    As the UK's leading voice on intergenerational issues, Eliza Filby is a much sought-after speaker. Generational Intelligence and Age Diversity are the topics she addresses and gives thought-provoking talks on. As an employer, how do I …

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  • Episode 24

    Viviane Reding meets Hajo Schumacher

    Viviane Reding is one of the most distinguished European politicians. Whether as EU Commissioner for Media and Information Society, EU Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship or as Vice-President of the European …

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  • Episode 23

    Franca Parianen Lesemann meets Hajo Schumacher

    Franca Parianen is a neuroscientist, successful science slammer and bestselling author. In her popular science bestsellers, she brings her research results to readers in a humorous and understandable way. In LSB Insights, our virtual talk …

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  • Episode 22

    Rüdiger Grube meets Hajo Schumacher

    Rüdiger Grube is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Hamburg port and logistics group HHLA and former Chairman of the Executive Board of Deutsche Bahn AG. He is one of Europe's best-known managers and looks back on more than 30 years …

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  • Episode 21

    Parag Khanna meets Melinda Crane

    Indian-born political scientist Parag Khanna is a leading expert on Asia, international strategy consultant and best-selling author. In LSB Insights, the virtual talks series of London Speaker Bureau, he talks about which part of Asia will …

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  • Episode 20

    Linus Neumann meets Hajo Schumacher

    Linus Neumann is a hacker and psychologist. He regularly points out vulnerabilities in critical IT systems to the public. Together with his colleagues from Chaos Computer Club, he hacked the IT systems of the last Bundestag election and …

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  • Episode 19

    Clemens Fuest meets Hajo Schumacher

    Prof. Clemens Fuest, President of the Ifo Institute for Economic Research, talks in LSB Insights, the virtual talk series of London Speaker Bureau, about the "No Covid" initiative, whose co-initiator he is as well as about state aid during …

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  • Episode 18

    Marina Weisband meets Hajo Schumacher

    Marina Weisband, psychologist, participation educationist and net politician, talks to Hajo Schumacher about education in times of the Corona pandemic and about progression through digitalisation. Can the Corona crisis rather be seen as a …

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  • Episode 17

    Laura Winterling meets Hajo Schumacher

    Physicist and long-time astronaut trainer Laura Winterling talks to Hajo Schumacher about, what we can learn from astronauts in times of corona pandemic, quarantine and lockdown. How can we work together efficiently in isolation? And which …

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  • Episode 16

    Albrecht von Lucke meets Hajo Schumacher

    In LSB Insights, political journalist Albrecht von Lucke analyses the situation after the election of the CDU chair. Who does he think has the necessary calibre to succeed Angela Merkel in the chancellor's office? In conversation with Hajo …

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  • Episode 15

    Bibiana Steinhaus meets Hajo Schumacher

    In LSB Insights, the virtual talk series of London Speaker Bureau, Bibiana Steinhaus talks with our host Hajo Schumacher about her impressive career. Bibiana is Germany's first female referee in the men's 1st Bundesliga and has just ended …

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  • Episode 14

    Ranga Yogeshwar meets Hajo Schumacher

    In our virtual conversation, Ranga Yogeshwar, one of Germany's leading science journalists, talks with host Hajo Schumacher about the Corona crisis and which weaknesses have been made visible during the last few months. Which vaccines are …

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  • Episode 13

    Martin Schulz meets Hajo Schumacher

    In our interview Martin Schulz, SPD Member of Parliament, talks to Hajo Schumacher about his encounters with US President-elect Joe Biden and the hopes Europeans associate with him. As an important thought leader on Europe, his views shape …

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  • Episode 12

    Valerie Haller meets Sandra Navidi

    Sandra Navidi, internationally sought-after financial expert and USA expert, talks to business journalist Valerie Haller about the deep uncertainty in US society and US markets. What do ever-increasing unemployment, poverty and police …

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  • Episode 11

    Harald Welzer meets Hajo Schumacher

    Germany's best-known social psychologist Harald Welzer talks to host Hajo Schumacher about the opportunities offered by the Corona crisis and how the world might look afterwards. What scares us about the current situation and how can we …

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  • Episode 10

    Marcel Fratzscher meets Carolin Roth

    In LSB Insights - our virtual talk series - Marcel Fratzscher, President of the German Institute for Economic Research, talks about how worried he is about the current Corona statistics and whether he expects a new lockdown. How stable are …

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  • Episode 9

    Janina Kugel meets Hajo Schumacher

    In LSB Insights, our virtual talk series, former Siemens HR Director Janina Kugel talks about the effects of the Corona crisis on the workplace and about good leadership in times of crisis. How do we remain a good team when working remote …

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  • Episode 8

    Hans-Dieter Hermann meets Hajo Schumacher

    Hans-Dieter Hermann, sports psychologist of the German national football team, talks to host Hajo Schumacher about spending his time when there is very little sport going on and how athletes, especially footballers, are experiencing the …

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  • Episode 6

    Jean-Claude Juncker meets Kai Diekmann

    Jean-Claude Juncker, the former President of the European Commission, talks to Kai Diekmann in LSB Insights about the crisis management of the EU states during the Corona crisis. Has the crisis turned us into better Europeans? Can the …

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  • Episode 5

    Josef Braml meets Hajo Schumacher

    Only a few months before the elections in the United States, Hajo Schumacher talks with Josef Braml, the renowned USA expert, about the current situation. How does he evaluate Joe Biden's chances of becoming the next US president? Which …

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  • Episode 4

    Gregor Gysi meets Hajo Schumacher

    Gregor Gysi, long-time chair of the LEFT parliamentary group and former president of the European Left, talks to host Hajo Schumacher about nearly becoming a cowboy and gives interesting insights into his everyday life during the first …

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