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Anne Fleck

Expert on Health and Health Management


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Dr. Anne Fleck – known as "Doc Fleck" - has been an internationally recognised expert for innovative prevention, body-mind-medicine, speaker and TV presenter for many years.

In Germany, Anne Fleck is regarded as a pioneer as she combines traditional healing knowledge, individual medicine and state-of-the-art research in an innovative way.

Since 2007 she has established centres for modern health management in Berlin and Hamburg and since then, the physician, who describes herself as a "health scout", has been supporting and advising health-conscious people, top managers as well as national and international companies regarding internal health management.

With her modern concepts, Anne Fleck establishes convincing strategies for maintaining the health of body and mind. After working in Germany, France and Italy, she pursues the approach of effectively combining state-of-the-art medicine, stress reduction, mindfulness and sustainable behavioural coaching for successful change management and inner growth.

Thanks to her communication skills and her professional competence, Anne Fleck is regarded as an expert for modern health strategies.