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Markus Reimer

Management Expert
Innovation Philosopher


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Dr Markus Reimer is an expert on corporate culture, a practitioner as entrepreneur, an experienced lead auditor for management systems and a former officer in the German Armed Forces. In his lectures, he shows within practical and theoretical contexts that nothing has to be as it is or seems.

He is the owner of a renowned consulting company in Lower Bavaria, works exclusively in Germany for "DQS - The Audit Company" in Frankfurt/Main and exclusively in Austria for "qualityaustria" in Vienna as a lead auditor for management systems and trainer.

Markus Reimer has a degree in education, is a trained controller and holds a doctorate in philosophy with the degree "magna cum laude". In 2007, he received the Continuing Education Innovation Award from the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training in Bonn with a project he designed and implemented.

As an author, he regularly writes the column for the Swiss magazine "", regularly writes articles for publications of the "Staatspreis Unternehmensqualität" in Austria and publishes his own management books.

Thanks to his work with a wide variety of companies, Dr. Markus Reimer knows the current and future challenges of management.

As an internationally sought-after keynote speaker on the topics of quality, agility, sustainability, innovation, digitalisation and knowledge, he reveals the limits and possibilities of organisational thinking and goes on a search for new solutions with his audience. Whether on-site, virtual or hybrid - his lectures are characterised by his clear, distinct language and power of words, by his dynamism and passion and, last but not least, by his Bavarian humour. Dr Markus Reimer is also available for exclusive consulting assignments on policies, visions, strategies, processes or certifications.


  • True Innovation - Why and how we need to think differently
  • Nice to know: Knowledge 4.0 - What we need to know about knowledge
  • The digital challenge - What to expect and why we can't wait any longer
  • Hold on! - Saving our future with sustainability
  • Quality is everything! But what is the new everything?
  • (FR)Agile is the future - How we act wisely with knowledge