December 15, 2022 - 2 min read

Book Recommendations for the 3rd Advent - New Books of our Speakers and Experts

This year we want to speed up the waiting time until Christmas with weekly book recommendations.

Book Recommendations for the 3rd Advent - New Books of our Speakers and Experts

Our speaker Rüdiger von Fritsch writes in „Zeitenwende: Putins Krieg und die Folgen“ with a clear, analytical view about the Ukraine war and its consequences for Europe. As a former ambassador of Moscow, Rüdiger von Fritsch has often met Vladimir Putin. In his latest book, he writes about what drives Putin and what could stop him. Europe is at a turning point due to Putin's invasion of Ukraine. How will the world of tomorrow look like? Rüdiger von Fritsch provides a clear and readable overview of the facts.

In his current book, Michael Hüther asks „Welche Zukunft hat die soziale Marktwirtschaft?“. He draws a line from the population's fundamental approval of our economic system to the challenges the social market economy faces. Our speaker Michael Hüther is Director of the Institute of the German Economy in Cologne and a much sought-after expert in the media. His detached and far-reaching view also makes him a popular speaker who impresses with his comprehensive knowledge in his lectures.

Alexander Görlach, Senior Felow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs in New York, has also published a new book: “Alarmstufe Rot: Wie Chinas aggressive Außenpolitik im Pazifik in einen globalen Krieg führt“. Our speaker describes the threat posed by China and the passiveness of the West in an informed and knowledgeable manner. Alexander Görlach wants to raise awareness of China's ambitions. He explains the background of the conflict between China and Taiwan in an understandable and concise manner and explains what could be in store for us. Our speaker is a sought-after expert on the subject of China. His guest articles appear in Zeit Online and Wirtschaftswoche, among others.

Our speaker Antonia Rados shows in her current book "Afghanistan von innen" how peace was wasted in Afghanistan. After the Taliban took power, Antonia Rados calls on the West for more engagement. For about four decades, our speaker travelled Afghanistan as a reporter and in her book as well as in her gripping lectures, she offers unique insights into a country that never seems to come to rest. In her Spiegel bestseller, Antonia Rados shows why Afghanistan became the battleground of world politics.

In „Sinnbilder. Verzicht als Inspiration für ein gelingendes Leben“, our speaker Reinhold Messner writes about the things that make him successful. He tells about his motivation and the values that have guided him through his life. Among other things, he shares his thoughts on ageing, dying and renunciation. Reinhold Messner also writes openly about his private life, as does his wife Diane, who talks for the first time about her own view of her famous husband. Thus sustainability, climate change and intergenerational justice - questions that concern us all - are the focus of his current book.

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