February 10, 2023 - 3 min read

Current Study on German Dependence on China - Our Keynote Speakers on China

According to a recent study by the German Economic Institute, the German economy's dependence on China has never been greater.

Current Study on German Dependence on China - Our Keynote Speakers on China

Our guest speakers include numerous experts on the subject of China. They speak about the various aspects of China in their informative keynotes and have appreciated expertise in times like these.

Our speaker Mikko Huotari, for example, is director of the Mercator Institute for China Studies and focuses on China's foreign policy and Sino-European relations. His research also focuses on global economic governance and competition. China's rise as a financial power, China-Europe trade and investment relations, as well as geopolitical changes resulting from China's emergence as a global security actor are the topics of his publications as well as the subjects of his expert lectures. Huotari is a much sought-after specialist in the media and guest speaker who provides his audiences with deep insights into China's development, enabling them to gain a new understanding.

Our speaker Yasmin Weiß worked for many years as a human resources manager for the BMW Group, including in HR management for BMW China. Today, Yasmin Mei-Yee Weiß, who grew up in a German-Chinese family, is a business administration professor at the Technical University of Nuremberg and one of the youngest multi-supervisory board members in Germany. As an expert on German-Chinese cooperation, she provides valuable tips and contributes to intercultural understanding in her insightful lectures.

Horasis President Frank-Jürgen Richter is one of the most respected experts on globalization and Asia as a business location. Our speaker draws on a wealth of experience, having lived, studied and worked in Asia for almost a decade. In Beijing, for example, he was entrusted with setting up and managing the China operations of multinational companies. He has extensive experience and knowledge, which he shares with his audience in his insightful keynotes.

Our speaker Haiyan Wang is managing partner of the China India Institute, a research and consulting institute based in Washington DC that specializes in creating successful global strategies to capitalize on the upswing in China and India. She has held a teaching position at INSEAD for many years and is a columnist and co-author of successful books on China. Her opinion articles appear in top international media and in her informative lectures she provides profound insights into the highly competitive Chinese market. Based on her vast international and cross-industry experience, Haiyan Wang also advises companies on their presence in the Chinese market.

Eberhard Sandschneider is a geopolitics expert, partner at Berlin Global Advisors, and one of the most renowned experts on Asia-Pacific international relations and China's political systems. Our speaker is the author, co-author and editor of numerous books, academic articles and newspaper articles. Due to his impressive expertise, he is a sought-after commentator in the media and a frequent speaker. In his keynotes, Eberhard Sandschneider brings his audience closer to China's thinking and actions. His lecture topics include "China in the Geopolitics of the 21st Century" as well as China's Silk Road Initiative and China's handling of the Corona Pandemic.

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