December 2, 2021 - 1 min read

December 2nd - A new View of the World

With "Move", Parag Khanna opens up a new view of the world for us

December 2nd - A new View of the World

In March, Parag Khanna's current book "Move: The Age of Migration" was published in German and provided plenty of material for discussion. With his book our speaker opens up a new view of the world and predicts huge migration flows across the continents. Old industrial regions will become deserted, new centres will emerge - humanity will have to redistribute itself across the earth, not least due to climate change.

Parag Khanna's gripping keynotes are also rich in facts and with vivid examples. The expert on international relations is the leading voice when it comes to geopolitical and global economic interrelationships.

So Parag Khanna talks not only about the new map of the global economy, but also about the new geopolitical marketplace and diplomacy in times of uncertainty.

In conversation with Melinda Crane, he gave us exciting insights into his theses on the age of migration and shows how captivating geopolitics can be.

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