Chat Club with Daniel Domscheit-Berg

Daniel Domscheit-Berg is a computer scientist and network security expert. From 2007 to 2010, he built the internet platform WikiLeaks together with Julian Assange and was its spokesperson under the pseudonym Daniel Schmitt. His successful book "Inside WikiLeaks" served as one of the sources for the Hollywood film of the same name. Today he works on various internet projects with a focus on privacy and anonymity as well as the further decentralisation of the internet infrastructure. In Brandenburg, he runs the innovation lab Havel-Lab e.V. and conducts workshops in his Versteh-Bahnhof, where he teaches children about his passion for technology. With his company ViaEuropa, he is committed to bringing the fibre-optic broadband revolution to Germany.

Domscheit-Berg is a vehement advocate for transparency and freedom of expression on the World Wide Web and pleads for equal access to knowledge and information in a globalised world.

In our Chat Club podcast, Daniel Domscheit-Berg talks to Roland Vestring about how he became involved with Wikileaks and why he prefers not to travel to the USA today. Which leadership lessons did he learn at WikiLeaks and what was it like to work with Julian Assange? Daniel Domscheit-Berg explains why he thinks social media are destructive and what he considers a public welfare-oriented network.

Enjoy a very special encounter with the multi-talented Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who shows us his many exciting facets in the Chat Club podcast.

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