Chat Club with Lars Thomsen

My guest in this week's Chat Club is futurologist Lars Thomsen. He is one of the world's leading futurologists and founder and Chief Futurist of the think tank future matters AG in Zurich. He is as creative as he is provocative, and he looks to the future with an eye for new opportunities like no other - which he also demonstrates in our Chat Club.

Lars Thomsen talks about his beginnings as a futurologist in his childhood and explains how his parents contributed to it. The furious pace of transformation and the widespread fear of the future are topics of our conversation, as are Lars Thomsen's curiosity about new things and the importance of lifelong learning.

We talk about Germany's future and Thomsen wishes for "a jolt through the country". He also reveals his secret wish for his personal future.

As a keynote speaker, Lars Thomsen wants to show his audience ways into the future and reduce unfounded fears. He shows how new technologies will make our lives easier in a few years and how we can keep up with the speed of transformation.

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