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Carl Bildt

Foreign Secretary of Sweden (2006-2014)
Prime Minister of Sweden (1991-1994)


Politics & Economy


Crisis Management



Mr Bildt was formerly the Swedish Prime Minister, and until 1997 the UN High Representative for the peace negotiations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He then became Special Envoy for the Balkans and Chairman of Sweden’s opposition party, the Moderate Party. From 2006 till October 2014 he was the Foreign Secretary of Sweden.

With the issue of a "Greater Europe" being a topic of intense debate, thanks to the proposed expansion of the EU and of NATO in Europe, Carl Bildt’s vast experiences in East and West enable him to talk authoritatively on the Europe of the future. With his unchallenged leadership and negotiation skills in adverse situations, he offers a privileged insight to those who want to place their businesses advantageously for the future.

In 1991 Carl Bildt was elected Prime Minister and formed a government in coalition with three other non-socialist parties. He held the position until 1994 and became the Leader of the Opposition. In June 1995, Carl Bildt became the European Union’s Special Representative for former Yugoslavia and Co-chairman of the International Conference on the former Yugoslavia. In December at the Peace Implementation Conference he was appointed High Representative by the international community, with responsibility for the implementation of the civilian parts of the Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a position which he stepped down from in 1997.

Carl Bildt is an informative and charismatic keynote speaker. With keen observations that reflect his dedication to the process of political and economic integration in Europe, he shows the qualities necessary to prosper in "Greater Europe".


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  • Conflict Resolution
  • Globalisation