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Frank Stauss

Germany's best-known Election Campaigner
Bestselling Author


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Frank Stauss is a political scientist, best-selling author, founder of a communications agency and Germany's best-known election campaigner. His career as an election campaigner began in the Clinton/Gore campaign. Since then, he has shaped more than 30 election campaigns in 25 years, including for Gerhard Schröder, Malu Dreyer and Klaus Wowereit.

Frank Stauss (*1965) studied political science with a focus on political communication and leadership psychology at the Ruprecht Karls University in Heidelberg, Freie Universität Berlin and as a scholarship holder of the Fulbright Foundation at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. While still a student, he helped to build the SPD in the GDR in 1989/90. In 1991, he became an intern for Senator Al Gore in Washington. A year later he joined the Clinton/Gore campaign as a staffer, thus turning his passion into a profession. In 1993, a detailed memorandum to Björn Engholm lead him to the communications agency Butter, where his career as a conceptioner, copywriter and professional campaign consultant began. He has been co-owner of the agency for over 20 years before founding "Richel, Stauss GmbH für strategische Kommunikation" in Berlin together with Mathias Richel in 2018.

Frank Stauss is considered a "guru" (Handelsblatt), a "magician" (Süddeutsche Zeitung) and "the power in the background" (Stern). He knows all facets of advertising, marketing and, of course, election campaigns. The author of the SPIEGEL bestseller "Höllenritt Wahlkampf" is a sought-after media expert on political communication and a frequent guest on various TV formats such as Maybrit Illner, Markus Lanz, Jörg Thadeusz, Tagesthemen and heute Journal.

As a keynote speaker and panel participant, Frank Stauss has been inspiring his audience for many years. With impressive expertise, he shows how goals can be achieved with the right communication.