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Steffi Burkhart

Expert on Generation Y and Z
Human Capital Evangelist


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Steffi Burkhart is Germany’s best-known expert on the Millennials Generation Y (*1980-1995) and Generation Z (*1995-2010). She stands up for her generation in politics and business and pleads for a youth quota.

Born in 1985 Steffi belongs to Generation Y and .after her career as a competitive athlete, she studied sports science at the German Sports University in Cologne and received her doctorate in health psychology in 2013. From 2010 to 2012 she works in the health management department of a large company. In 2013 she founded the start-up company “GedankenTanken” together with a small team, being responsible for the management academy. Since 2015, Dr. Steffi Burkhart has been self-employed.

Dr. Steffi Burkhart is invited to over 120 events each year to transmit critical impulses lectures or keynotes for management conferences, congress events, anniversary celebrations, gala evenings, trade fair kick-offs, customer events or panel discussions.

In her keynotes, she dispels prejudices and deals with the mindset of Generation Y and Z. She provides a scientifically substantiated approach to and delivers a scientifically backed, lively plea for taking Millennials and their demands seriously. With a mixture of authentic vitality and well-founded knowledge, Steffi Burkhart also speaks on generational diversity and changing values. She shows - also in gripping online presentations - how to increase employer attractiveness for young people, how recruiting is changing and how to create the right atmosphere to make maximum use of young people's willingness to perform.


  • Millennials, a scarce resource in the labour market
  • Y-Mindset as the driver for an agile business
  • The Y-Mindset: The Way of Thinking and the Worldview of Generation Y