October 20, 2023 in Artificial Intelligence

Elin Hauge in Conversation on Artificial Intelligence

Elin Hauge is one of the leading experts on artificial intelligence, futurist and business strategist.

Elin Hauge is Building Bridges

For more than two decades, she has been building bridges between business and technology - with a focus on AI. Elin Hauge connects business strategies with AI applications and makes companies aware of the top priority of Artificial Intelligence, as AI will fundamentally change companies and influence business strategies. Artificial intelligence is already omnipresent, be it in the facial recognition of our smartphone or in online shopping. In her keynotes, Elin Hauge highlights the impact of AI on talent search, for example, and also talks about responsibility and regulation of AI.

Exclusive Interview

In our exclusive interview, Elin Hauge explains, among other things, what AI regulation could look like from the political side and how we can use technology to help us navigate uncertain times like these.

How do we find the right balance in dealing with AI and which industries are most affected by changes brought by AI?

Our speaker Elin Hauge gives us answers to the most important questions regarding Artificial Intelligence.