August 23, 2023 - 2 min read

Leadership Inspiration - Our Experts and Speakers on Leadership Strategies

Many of our top speakers deal with leadership strategies in their keynotes. They show how to inspire employees through vision, how to motivate and how to keep focused on a common goal - and that leadership is much more than just technical competence.

Leadership Inspiration - Our Experts and Speakers on Leadership Strategies

David Coulthard, for example, already shows in his book "The Winning Formula" why Formula 1 is the perfect example of leadership, strategy and motivation. In his inspiring keynotes, he also talks about what we can learn from Formula 1 for our working lives. How can tyres be changed within a few seconds during a pit stop and what does that mean for everyday business life? Filled with anecdotes from his time as one of the most successful Formula 1 drivers of all time, our speaker David Coulthard shares the secrets of Formula 1 success.

Our speaker Steffi Burkhart knows a lot about bad leadership, because bad leadership caused her to change jobs twice. She is now her own boss and shows managers in her lectures how to do things better. She gives tips on how excellent management and motivating leadership can succeed in the present time and how virtual leadership works.

Christian Busch, the world's leading expert on innovation and conscious leadership, explains in his lectures, among other things, the new world of leadership and shows how leadership can be made more meaningful. He shows what purpose-driven leadership looks like and how innovative organisational models can be developed. Our speaker also talks about how to make the most of serendipity and how to adapt to the unexpected.

Yasmin Weiß is one of the youngest multi-supervisory board members in Germany. She is a business administration professor at the Technical University of Nuremberg, start-up founder and political advisor and knows a lot about leaderhsip. Leadership skills in digital times are especially close to her heart. What are the key competences of digital leadership and why has analogue leadership become obsolete? Our speaker Yasmin Weiß provides answers to these and many other questions in her sustainable presentations.

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