Chat Club with Rolf Dobelli

Rolf Dobelli is a bestselling author, successful entrepreneur and highly sought-after lecturer. After his career at Swissair, he and two friends founded GetAbstract, which is now the world's largest provider of compact management knowledge. He is the founder and director of World.Minds, a community of leading personalities from science, culture and business that is dedicated to the transfer of knowledge.

In the Chat Club podcast, Rolf Dobelli talks to Roland Vestring about his path from Swissair to best-selling author, among other things. What moved him to end his career at Swissair and become a company founder with GetAbstract? Why did he become a writer at 35? And what is the idea behind World.Minds?

We happily present a conversation full of insights and food for thought with Rolf Dobelli.

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