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Daniela Ben Said

Expert on Communication


Motivation & Leadership


Corporate Culture



Daniela Ben Said is one of Germany’s top trainers. She sparkles with enthusiasm from the very first minute, is always good for a surprise and likes to share the stage with animal accompaniment.

After graduating from high school in her home town of Osnabrück, Daniela Ben Said (*1974) studied law for several semesters before discovering her passion for working as a trainer and coach. She initially worked in the fitness industry as a studio manager and trainer for fitness trainers before setting up her own business with "Ben Said Training". Personality coaching is becoming more and more the centre of her work. The focus of her company Quid Agis, founded in 2001, is coaching as well as business lectures. Daniela Ben Said studied psychology at the University of Osnabrück and in 2003 she started her own academy with the first study group.

In the meantime, Daniela Ben Said has written several books and successfully runs her own company. In her inspiring lectures she shows for example how to win new customers with simple strategies, how to link tradition and digital media in a sales-promoting way and how executives can become real leaders. In her keynotes of a somewhat different kind, horses, turtles, donkeys or birds of prey join her on stage.


  • Sales & Customer Amazement - Crazy, Different and Effective
  • Digital Communication Strategies for Traditional Markets
  • Leadership & Diversity - Clear, Practicable and Sustainable
  • What we can learn from animals...