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Melinda Crane

Chief Political Correspondent Deutsche Welle TV
TV-Producer and Journalist


Society & Culture





Dr. Melinda Crane is an experienced TV anchor; as chief political correspondent at Deutsche Welle TV, she analyzes German and European policy and also hosts the DW talk show „To the Point“.

Dr. Crane studied history and political science at Brown University and law at Harvard. She received her PhD in political economy at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. As International Affairs Consultant to the discussion show “Sabine Christiansen” she produced interviews with Kofi Annan, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and George Bush, among others. Her journalistic experience includes work for the “New York Times Magazine”, ”The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine,” “The Boston Globe,” the “Christian Science Monitor” and German newspapers and magazines.

She frequently comments on US politics and transatlantic relations for German media, and has written for a variety of German publications and US newspapers including The New York Times Magazine, The Boston Globe, and Christian Science Monitor.

Her diverse areas of expertise include transatlantic politics, energy, climate and environment, transport and communication, globalization, finance and trade, science and medicine, migration, integration and urbanization, women, youth and education as well as new media and the internet.

In 2014 she was awarded the Steuben-Schurz Media Award for her service to transatlantic understanding.

Dr. Melinda Crane has given speeches and moderated events and discussions for a wide range of international organizations and firms.

Melinda Crane moderates in English and German and also speaks French fluently.


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