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Nicola Baumann

Eurofighter Pilot


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Nicola Baumann is one of three female German Eurofighter pilots and was one of the finalists of the project “First Female German Astronaut”. Aviation and space have always been her passions. Nicola overcomes technical, physical and social limits which made her “Thought Leader of the Year” by Boston Consulting Group in 2017.

In 2004 Nicola (*1985) joined German Air Force and made her dream come true. She graduated the officer’s course at the German Airforce academy as “Best Cadet of the Flying Services” and became the second female fighter pilot of the German Bundeswehr. From 2013 to 2014 she is instructor pilot of Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training and holds positions as flight commander and check pilot and was honoured as “Flight Commander of the Year 2012”. From 2015 to 2017 she is Eurofighter Pilot – in fact one of three German female pilots - and responsible for strategical and tactical organizational planning for the flying squadron and flying wing of the German Air Force in Nörvenich, Germany. In 2018 she left the Bundeswehr to work as a management consultant.

She hit the headlines when participating in the private initiative “First Female German Astronaut” in 2017 and becoming one of the two finalists. But in the meantime she has left the project.

Next to her successful careers in the Bundeswehr and in space flight, Nicola also works as a volunteer paramedic for the German Red Cross.

In her inspirational keynotes Nicola shows how to follow your dreams and how to make them true by believing in yourself and by overcoming limits.


  • Teamwork at Mach 2 - Leading small teams successfully under fire
  • Lessons learnt at the world’s premier fighter pilot training school
  • Breaking the sound barrier completely relaxed
  • Surviving a decade of flying the world’s fastest and deadliest jets
  • To the moon and beyond with a dream, discipline and a bit of luck!