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Norman Alexander

Mind Hacker


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Norman Alexander, the mentalist in the business world, recognizes things others do not see. His highly developed powers of observation and his knowledge of human nature help him to analyse people and recognize their motives. What does my counterpart think? Is he interested or doubtful? Which wishes, problems and emotions move him? Does he want to hide something and if so what is it? Norman Alexander knows the answers. From the point of view of a mentalist, he shows you how to recognize what others don't see, how to win people over more easily and how to sell your ideas, products and services more successfully.

During his economics studies at the University of Göttingen, Norman Alexander discovered ways of using different mentalist techniques in business to learn more about the thoughts of business partners, to generate approval, and to facilitate business transactions. Based on this he develops the concept of "mind hacking". After successfully completing his academic training in Business Administration, he goes directly into self-employment as a mind hacker and speaker.

Norman Alexander practices his stage presence and speaker quality early on. Already at the age of 16 he begins to demonstrate his abilities in front of an audience. With an extraordinary performance, which blurs the boundaries between fantasy and reality, he inspires his audience in big event locations, at company events and various TV shows and he provides first-class entertainment.

In his exciting lecture with fascinating experiments Norman Alexander uncovers secrets of the mentalists and demonstrates their application in business. His show is an "introductory course" into the basics of how to really read minds. Nothing is supernatural, but there are mechanisms of mental communication that anyone can use - not just body language, but observation


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