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Ola Ahlvarsson

European Internet Pioneer
Change Maker


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Ola is a renowned Swedish entrepreneur working mainly as an Internet strategist and a managerial advisor for small medium sized enterprises, Fortune 500-companies and as a business accelerator and growth partner to expand companies. Since the mid 1990s Ola Ahlvarsson has been at the cutting edge of digital entrepreneurship as an entrepreneur, investor, thought leader and advisor.

In 1997, Ola pioneered European Internet as a co-founder of Boxman, at the time the largest European e-commerce store selling CD's online. During his stint with Boxman, Ola conceived the idea of creating a company that could help companies parachute success from one market to another similar to the way record labels function in the music industry. And so in 1999, Result was born as a company that could help grow and internationalise businesses in the Telecom, Internet, Media and Entertainment sector.

Apart from being a co-founder of over 20 companies (with 10 exists to date), Ola has been a part of launching and managing internet companies like, FON, Schibsted Classified’s, Spray, Boxman, Xing, SIME and many more. He has served as a member of the board of the World Economic Forums Technology Pioneer program (where he was elected young global leader) and is a former course director of Stockholm School of Economics Riga’s Executive MBA program.

Ola has a deep understanding of how business can embrace digital opportunities and technology. He has been an advisor on innovation and internationalization to world leading organizations like Google, Ericsson, P&G, The Absolute Company, Electrolux, Telenor, Absolut, Prosieben, RCS, Deutschen Telekom and Microsoft to name a few.

He was named in the "Top Ten European Internet Entrepreneurs 1999" by the “Wall Street Journal”, in a similar list in 2000 by “Business Week” and in 2001 by the “Financial Times”. He was also invited to the World Economic Forum in Davos where he was elected a "Global Leader of Tomorrow".

Ola is also a frequent speaker at conferences and industry events, recent events include Le Web Paris, Tech Talk Menorca, DLD Munich, Picnic Amsterdam, and Reboot Copenhagen. He is also the chairman and moderator of Northern Europe\'s largest Internet Media Event focusing on digital Opportunities called SIME.


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