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Selected presenters for your event.

The London Speaker Bureau provides a broad selection of well-known national and international presenters

A good presenter can turn your event into a big success. That's why we are here to help you find the best possible presenter for your event.

We, as a speaker agency, take you by the hand right from the start of your event planning when looking for a presenter.

We are very proud to provide presenters from all different kinds of topic areas as for example the environment, energy, society, culture and future. We will find the best presenter for your event. Also for events with topics like politics, economy, motivation, leadership, business and management we provide the best presenters, meeting all your requirements.

We are pleased to provide for example Valerie Haller, TV expert on economy and stock exchange, as a presenter, well-known TV-presenter and journalist Hajo Schumacher and the charming TV-journalist and news presenter Kay-Sölve Richter, just to mention some of our popular presenters.

Together we will choose the best presenter for your event. You can trust us!

Since 1994 the London Speaker Bureau supports its clients in selecting the best presenter for each event. We provide

- internationally renowned presenters

- many years of know-how

- professional support