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Linus Neumann

Hacker and Psychologist
IT Security Expert


Innovation & Future





Linus Neumann is a hacker and psychologist. As consultant for IT security he has been an expert on several committees of the German Bundestag.

Linus Neumann has been fascinated by the world of source codes since he was ten years old. Today, the graduated psychologist consults private companies from the financial sector as well as operators of of critical infrastructures. In the Chaos Computer Club he is involved in network political topics.

He became known to a broad public through his podcast "Logbuch: Netzpolitik", which he published together with Tim Pritlove. Linus Neumann used to write regularly, now sporadically for the blog

His core topic is IT security and experts like him are desperately sought after by government institutions as well as private companies, as the increasing digitalization also reveals ever greater security problems.

His knowledge of bits and bytes makes Linus Neumann a sought-after consultant and speaker. Linus Neumann clearly shows that the topics of artificial intelligence, risk management systems, questions of liability on the internet as well as digital maturity, sovereignty and the social power of individual large internet companies concern us all and he presents stirring solutions. He sensitizes us to the security gaps and shakes us out of our digital slumber.